May 12

News : VirtuaPin Made in Michigan : ABC 12


Paul Maletich the owner – operator of VirtuaPin was interviewed about his love for pinball and about the company he created making virtual pinball machines.  I actually bought a cabinet from Paul and his work is fantastic.  Paul is always supportive and will help out if his expertise is needed. Paul is also the creator and maintains the website  The site contains hundreds of pinball roms and tables that can be played on a virtual pinball cabinet. Give Paul a call if you are interested in buying a virtual pinball cabinet.

VirtuaPin Cabinets
203 John St Ste 2
Holly, MI 48442 USA

“I build virtual pinball machines for a living. It’s what I do. ‘Huh?’ That’s the usual response,” said Maletich, owner of the Holly, Michigan based VirtuaPin.

VirtuaPin has been in business since 2010, taking up a small production facility near downtown Holly. Maletich and two staff members construct regular pinball cabinets – that are hardly regular inside.

“Instead of installing mechanical stuff, we install monitors, a PC, a really kicking sound system and it plays hundreds of different machines,” Maletich said.

You read that right – hundreds of games instead of one. Right now, due to licensing issues, VirtuaPin’s virtual pinball machines are available only for use in homes, not arcades. VirtuaPin ships out the cabinets and then walks customers through the downloading and installation process, and yes, they’re games you’ve probably heard of.

“Flintstones, Funhouse, Harlem Globetrotters, Indiana Jones, the list goes on and on. Lord of the Rings. Pretty much the A-List of pinball history,” Maletich said.

With its force feedback system, the person playing the game feels the action, including the flippers, bumpers and slingshots firing. Just like a traditional pinball machine, the virtual machine can also go into “tilt” mode.

Malletich grew up as a self-professed arcade and video game junkie.

“I was the first kid on the block to have the Atari 2600, the first to have a personal computer, that was in 1980. Then I started writing and developing my own video games. I sold my first video game at the age of 14,” he said.

Gaming design took a backseat though to a culinary career in Metro Detroit, but that ended when the auto industry began to crumble.

“The Big 3 were laying off. When they started laying off, the restaurant revenue started getting cut, so I was actually collecting unemployment, looking for work and I decided to do this. I started it in the basement of my duplex,” Maletich said.

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Thanks to ABC 12 and Marc Jacobson for the article.