May 12



Jersey Jack has just released an Delta code update to the The Hobbit pinball machine.  This update brings the code to 1.10.  Below is the link to the code and also a summary of the changes to the game.  The file size is 748 MB.

Please note this is a DELTA ONLY update. It currently updates any base game code.

Click Below to Download Code :

=== Known Issues

– The Book Mode Difficulty adjustment doesn’t work as intended. However,
difficulties 1 (all qualifiers always lit), 2 (all qualifiers lit on ball
start), 5 (default, qualifiers off at game start), 6 (qualifiers off at
ball start), 7 (same as 6 but mode start consumes all qualifiers) work.

– Bad text display during Smaug Multiball victory laps.

– Book final mode starts audit actually showing 2+ book mode starts.

– Show Beast Coil State diagnostic adjustment was defaulted to YES by
mistake. You can set this to NO (it’s at the end of game settings).

=== Game Code

+ Qualifier extra ball adjustments.

* Qualifiers no longer spotted on last shot of a mode.

* Rearranged game summary/game detail audits.

* Vastly improved Smaug choreography.

* Reworked Beast Multiball.

* Mystery Add-a-Ball now highest priority (but not back-to-back).

* Captive ball choreography improved.

* Super Spinner choreography improved.

* Fix Kili/Fili speech.

* Improved Book Mode start/end choreography.

+ Feast Frenzy.

* Cleanup Book Mode shot descriptions.

+ Super Spinner audits

+ Kick Barrel audits.

* Smaug Multiball can be won now.

* Book Modes can’t start during Smaug Multiball Final Shot.

* Smaug Multiball Super Jackpot starting value reduced to 5,000.

* Improved spinner choreography.

* Fixed bad state restoration in Smaug Multiball.

* Background movie loops don’t restart when interrupted now.

* Troll mechs fire harder on 2nd and 3rd try, and don’t abandon when coin

  door is open.

* Trolls drop softly now.

* Fix display of trough numbers in test.

* Changed some Beast Hurryup movies.

* Reworked Resurgence mode.

+ Maximum time added to modes adjustment.  Default is 30 seconds.  This means

  any time you pass that much time added to a mode, mode time won’t be

  lightable again (you will get your full time due to you when you made the

  shot, though).

* Changed some mode qualifications.

* Lowered Erebor (spinner) difficulty.

* Bonus now scores on “Total” display.

+ Book “Look Up” display for Windlance and Gollum.

* After several failed “get up” attempts, Beasts will only try once for the

  rest of the ball.

+ Qualifier Extra Ball display effects.

+ Completed Qualifier display (all modes played).

* Improved movie display transitions.

* Improved Riddles in the Dark choreography.

+ Ballsaver display on lamp.

* Captive ball awards now at intervals of 5 by default.

* Improved Windlance choreography.

* Increase jets level on clean jet rubber shot.

+ Smaug Gold UI.

* Fix Captive Ball 2x playfield not cleaning up.

* Improve Gollum Ring Button accuracy.

* Smaug Multiball disabled during Flashback mode.

* Beast mechs no longer fire indefinitely if they don’t go up in test.

* Bad Beast switches now in red in test.

* VUKs no longer delay in multiball unless Ball Serve is being held off.

* VUKs kick harder on rekicks.

+ Flasher effects with VUK warnings.

* Attempt bumper fire when jet rubber switch is hit clean.

* Fix Elf E target counting as winning Qualifier Extra Ball when it was the

  very last thing needed.

* Lots and lots of mode choreography improvements.

* Timers pause during ball collection now.

* Fix book mode start audits.

=== Core Code

* Flippers no longer hold off ball search for the full time if hit.  If a

  flipper is held, the ball search time will reset to full.  If just tapped,

  timer will reset to just 5 seconds (assuming scoring timer is that low).

=== OS