May 09

Mod Install : PinGraffix Metallica Snake Mod 2.0

I recently purchased the 2.0 Metallica snake mod at Pinfest 2016 from Joe at PinGraffix.  The mod looks great and was super easy to install.  The install time took about 20 minutes from start to finish.  The install consists of removing the sticky tape from the back of the body near the head of the snake and applying the piece to the plastic of the snake mod 1.0.  To install this mod, you need to have the previous version of the snake mod before applying the 2.0 to the machine.  To install the tail section around the ramp portion of the play field, you need to remove the two screws and one post holding the current plastic in place and replacing the piece with the snake tail of the mod.

Watch the install video below :