May 07

Pinfest 2016 : Allentown Pennsylvania Friday May 6th Highlights


Another year of Pinfest in Allentown and I had a blast.  Met up with so many people and had little time on the machines.  Most of my pinball friends attended and I got to chat with many of the vendors selling merchandise.  Many of the vendors have become close friends of mine after being in the hobby and posting information to my social media outlets.  I also had a chance to meet up with some people who I have met on occasion or never at all such as Nick from Buffalo Pinball and Taylor from This Flippin Podcast.  Most of the machines I played were in working order and played well.  Thanks again to all the people who brought machines to the show for everyone to play.

Also at the show the vendors consisted of :

PinGraffix, Tilt Graphics, CoinTaker, Laseriffic, Marco Specialties, Pinball Refinery, Pinball Star, Night Hawk Games, Lights Out Pinball, Flipper Fidelity, Pinnovators, Classic Arcades, Star Ship Fantasy, and many others.

Pingraffix and Tilt Graphics had their usual great side blades and mirror blades on display for customers to purchase.  Laseriffic had his usual fantastic toppers on display which I own many of.  Cointaker showed off all of their LED’s and other mods being sold by various vendors in the industry .  They also brought a Big Lebowski, Heighway Pinball’s Full Throttle to the show with updated code for everyone to play.  Don Kraper (Burning Man) brought his fully restored Dutch Pinball Bride of Pinbot 2.0 to the show which looked beautiful. Congrats to Don for winning the best DMD of the show award.  Marco Specialties had parts and mods for pinball machines. Marco also brought a bunch of fantastic pinball machines to play such as Ghost Busters, Spiderman VE, and Game of Thrones.  Pinball Star brought four Hobbits, a Rob Zombie Spook Show International, and a couple of The Wizard of Oz pinball machines for all the guests of the show to play throughout the day.  Pinball Refinery displayed a beautiful Ghost Busters Pro with white side rails, coin door, and lock down bar.  The game also had game blades provided by Tilt Graphics, lit speaker grills, under cab lighting, spinner LED’s, and many more additions to the game.

At the show, many EM’s were on display for everyone to play and also various solid state machines were in abundance.  My highlight of the day was playing Ghost Busters.  I really like the game play, music and sounds, and also the animations on the DMD.  I cannot wait to see what the updated code brings to the game in the upcoming months.  It was also great to have four Ghost Buster machines at the show causing the lines for game play to be minimally small.

Thanks to Ivan, his staff, and also everyone who brought machines from their personal collection to the show.  I had a fantastic time and looking forward to next year.

Video of Pinfest 2016 :

Bride of Pinbot Dutch Pinball 2.0 (Don Kraper) :


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