May 05

CODE UPDATE : Game of Thrones V 1.29 CODE RELEASED


Stern has released a new code update for  Game of Thrones LE, PRO, and Prem.  This update brings the code to 1.29. This update contains a fix and some new secret easter eggs.

Download Updates Below :

PRO –…/game-code-game-of-thrones-pro
PREMIUM –…/game-code-game-of-thrones-premium
LE –

LE/PREMIUM V1.29 - April 22, 2016
 - HAND OF THE KING CHAMPION was not being awarded correctly.

 - Added Game credits Easter Egg ( 1 2 3 )


1) Download the latest code for your game by visiting
   and following the links to the software update 
   file for your specific game model.
2) Place game software update file (GAMENAME-VERSION.spk)
   into the root directory of a blank FAT32-formatted USB flash drive.
3) Use backbox power switch to turn off game.
4) Plug the USB flash drive into a CPU board USB connector at CN20 or CN21.
5) Turn the game on.
6) After a few seconds, the "GAME CODE UPDATE" will run. 
   Use the 2 middle service buttons to select an SPK file.
   Press the "Select" service button to start the update.
7) When the display indicates "UPDATE COMPLETE", turn the game off.
8) Remove the USB flash drive from the CPU board.
9) Turn the game on to play pinball!