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Farsight Studios has posted on its Facebook page a Kickstarter for the new Stern Pinball Arcade and also the release of AC/DC.  Farsight is looking for $125,000 just to cover the license fee of AC/DC.  Also Farsight is going to release Star Trek at launch and Ghost Busters in the fall.  Also you will receive different prizes for the amount you pledge towards the project.  Read below to pledge your amount towards this pinball project.

The Pinball Digitization Process 2.0

We are now developing the technology to compile actual game code from Stern into our pinball engine!

With our new process we can take advantage of 3D CAD files for the geometry of the playfield, ramps, bumper, toys, etc (all the way down to the screws!) as well as print-quality graphics to create the textures!

With the release of the Stern Pinball Arcade we will be implementing FarSight Pinball Physics 4.0 which will be even more realistic.

Without the overhead of ROM emulation, we can implement better lighting effects onto more devices and add more complex shaders, reflections, and shadows onto the current generation of platforms.  It will be stunning!

The end result of this partnership with Stern is the ability to create beautiful exact digital recreations of the latest greatest pinball tables being made.

The Stern Pinball Arcade will launch with Star Trek, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, Starship Troopers and with your help, AC/DC!

Target Platforms

  • Android
  • iOS
  • Steam (PC / Mac)
  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Wii U
  • Oculus Rift
  • Gear VR


Stern is well known for making great pinball tables with great licenses.

We want to digitize as many of these tables as we can by attaining the licenses to re-create them digitally.  Unfortunately, the AC/DC license is extremely expensive – in fact it would be the most expensive license we’ve ever acquired for a pinball table.

We would like to include AC/DC (which is already ranked among the 10 best tables ever on ( at launch.

We feel that it is unquestionably one of the greatest pinball tables in the history of pinball. It was designed by the legendary Steve Ritchie (who also designed Star Trek: The Next Generation®, Spider-Man®, Terminator 2: Judgment Day® and many more)

This table was made in honor of one of the most legendary rock bands the world has ever seen. Players can rock to twelve AC/DC classics including Back in Black, T.N.T, War Machine, Hells Bells, Highway to Hell and more! This table features a groundbreaking rule set by Lyman Sheats that allows players to choose a full song while playing. The AC/DC machine is also engineered to stack and overlap three multi-ball modes. It’s one of the coolest tables ever made!

We’ve succeeded in negotiating all of the licenses we’d need to digitize The AC/DC Pinball table and bring it to the new Stern Pinball Arcade. Unfortunately there are several licenses involved: in addition to the Stern license, we need a license for AC/DC, the likeness of the band members on the backglass and playfield, and the right to use the voiceovers and music during gameplay. When we add up the costs of each required license and calculate what we’d have to charge for the table, we’ve concluded that digitizing the AC/DC table is just not commercially viable. The more we charge for the table the fewer people will be able to buy it- and our goal is to expose as many people as possible to this great table, not just a select few.

We Need Your Help

Here’s where you come in! The licenses we’ve secured for the AC/DC Pinball Table will cost $125,000 (and that’s just for the licenses- we’ll cover all of the development expenses ourselves). Thanks to the amazing generosity of pinball fans throughout the world, our previous Kickstarter project for Doctor Who® pinball table raised $16,565 more than we needed for the Doctor Who licenses and we’re applying this towards the license costs of the AC/DC Pinball table. If we can raise the remaining $108,435, we’ll be able to digitize the AC/DC Pinball Table and add this modern masterpiece to the Stern Pinball Arcade. If we don’t reach our goal no credit cards will be charged, but if we raise more then the goal, we’ll be able to digitize other licensed Stern tables as well.

Risks and challenges

We’ve digitized over 65 historical pinball tables, and we are very confident in our ability to deliver a digital version of The AC/DC table that our fans will enjoy. However, the process of creating these tables is very complex and delays sometimes occur. We’re targeting a release date of November 2016 for the PC and mobile version, but it’s possible this date might slip if we encounter unforeseen problems in development. Also, the lead time for deployment on some platforms (particularly the consoles) is longer, so it is likely the table will release later on these platforms.

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