May 02

News : Popular pastime comes to life at the Pinball Hall of Fame : 3 News Las Vegas

Another story about Tim Arnold and the Pinball Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.


When you walk in before the doors open, the building is dark and quiet. The transformation happens when Tim Arnold makes his way to the back, and the Pinball Hall of Fames comes alive. The sounds and lights of around 200 pinball machines fill the 10,000 square foot museum.

“I’ve always been fascinated by pinball machines, and when I was just a kid, 14-years-old, I just decided to buy one,” said Arnold, who calls himself the director of “stuff and things,” or the curator, at the Pinball Hall of Fame. “I still love the pinballs. I’m still nutty about it. It’s the only thing I know how to do.”

The room is filled with history. The “Jigsaw” is the oldest pinball machine there, built in 1933. Arnold points out the Pinball Circus.

“This is a four level pinball machine,” Arnold says. “We ended up with one of only two in the world.”

Arnold says, on an average day, 500-1,000 people stop by. They’re mainly tourists, and while there are guests of all ages, he says the biggest reactions come mostly from those walking down memory lane.

“We’ve got a standard joke here that our customers are old farts with broken parts. We have 50-, 60-year-old guys who come in here every day and say, I remember playing this game. I went to college and played this game,” Arnold said.

Arnold says he and his friends are thinking about possibly expanding the museum. He says if they decide to go bigger, they can use the vacant lot they own next door, and having more games isn’t a problem.

“I have another building even larger than this, that’s stacked to the roof with about 800 more [pinball machines], so we can easily fill a larger building,” Arnold said.

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Thanks to 3 News of Las Vegas and Christine Kim for the story