April 28

News : Alien Pinball Machine Update : Serious Fun

An article and interview written about Alien Pinball and Andrew Heighway from Heighway Pinball.

After the success of their first pinball machine, Heighway Pinball, are due to release a blockbuster this year – the Alien pinball machine. Based on the first two films of the Alien saga, this license will no doubt prove to be a huge release for the small Wales-based pinball manufacturer. We caught up with CEO of the company, Andrew Heighway, to get the latest on the Alien pinball machine, including what kind of features the game will include, when we can expect to see the machine and its release date.


Over the last couple of years or so, Heighway Pinball has announced its presence as the only major UK manufacturer of pinball with the bold statement that it intends to champion a new way of manufacturing pinball, aiming to eliminate the many reoccurring problems that pinball players, owners, operators and engineers encounter with traditional machines. Last year, our team here at HLD went ot visit the Heighway factory in Merthyr Tydfil, guided by Andrew Heighway himself, who highlighted these issues and demonstrated how they had developed their first machine, Full Throttle, to tackle these problems. From creating an easily interchangeable games system, to installing an LCD screen in the playfield to replace the traditional dot-matrix-display in the back box, although he was keen to stress that he wasn’t looking to reinvent the game, just make it easier for the current market to enjoy a pinball revival, whether in a commercial setting or home environment.

Andy Heighway, CEO, appeared on ITV News Wales to talk about the business and how they are progressing.

Heighway Pinball – ITV News Wales Feature

It seemed that these kind of improvements have been a long time coming in the pinball world and something the larger manufacturers weren’t keen to explore. But Andrew’s hard work in responding to pinball enthusiast’s demands has gained him success with their first pinball release, Full Throttle, especially in commercial environments and has allowed the company to continue to grow rapidly. Not only have they been able to grow their team and production speed considerably, they have also been able to secure and develop such an impressive license as Alien. And it doesn’t stop there – during the interview, Andrew hinted to us that they have 3 more top secret, highly sought after licensed games in production right now!

We decided to catch up with Andrew Heighway to try and get some more information on the Alien pinball machine in particular, as were all huge fans of the films and that it’s such an exciting project to have going on only an hour away from the Home Leisure Direct showrooms.

Thanks to Serious Fun for the article and pics.

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