April 28

ColorDMD Rom Updates to Metallica and Twilight Zone


ROM Updates for Metallica and Twilight Zone

The color ROMs to support Twilight Zone and Metallical pinball machines have been updated and are now available for download from the SUPPORT page of our site.

TZ 3.1: (04/26/16) Fixed coloring for GS and HS scores over 2B, and added color for flipper bonus.

MET 3.3: (04/26/16) Fixed coloring for ramp combos score, lady just high score entry, and footer text in service menus.e completed in the next few weeks, pending the arrival of some backordered parts.

Expanded Whitestar Support

We have expanded Whitestar support to work with both Stern and DE/SEGA (including Rottendog) DMD controller boards. The following ROMs have been updated with the changes.

Lord of the Rings
Simpsons Pinball Party
South Park
Guns N Roses

These changes only affect a few customers with games that contained a different DMD controller than the original factory board. If you’re already running with the previous working ROM there’s no need (or benefit) to update to this latest version.

The new ROMs are now available for download from our support page http://www.colordmd.com/support_firmware.html