April 21

News : This gorgeous iPhone game turns pinball into interactive art : The Verge

Inks, this upcoming IPhone game turns the balls path and targets that are hit into pieces of artwork during game play.  Great idea with the concept of pinball.


Modern pinball machines are typically loud and brash, full of bright lights and flashy effects. Inks, meanwhile, looks like a piece of interactive art. The upcoming iPhone game plays like pinball, but it uses color in a way that makes the tables come alive. Your ball will leave trails of paint as it shoots around the stage, and cause explosions of colors as it smashes into bumpers. The result is a game that makes aesthetics as important as high scores.

The fact that Inks is so beautiful shouldn’t be surprising. State of Play is also the studio behind the stunning, hand-built papercraft world of Lumino City, which launched on multiple platforms back in 2014. (You can see how that game was made right here.) Inksis the studio’s first game since, and it was actually inspired by a pinball table the team built for Lumino City, pictured below.

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