April 17

Dutch Pinball Shipping It’s First Three The Big Lebowski Pinball Machines

The first three Big Lebowski pinball machines are coming off the line and ready to be shipped.  Dutch Pinball sent out its latest newsletter stating that the The Big Lebowski pinball machine is ready to be shipped from its factory to the USA.  Great job Dutch Pinball for following through and producing and shipping your first pinball machine.

Taken from the latest entry of the Dutch Pinball newsletter :

The first The Big Lebowski™ Pinball games are boxed and will be picked up on Tuesday to the first achievers who pre-ordered The Big Lebowski™ Pinball !!

We can’t tell you how happy we are! It has been a roller coaster adventure building this pin and now we finally can share the fun of this game with you. The production line has moved be more efficient and we will now slowly ramp up to build more games. We will keep you posted when your game is ready and we will ask you how you want to ship your game.

As you probably remember, our plan was (and still is) to ship the games in batches by sea to the USA. However, we received requests from some achievers who prefer to receive their game earlier and asked us to send it by air. Since the start of this project, we listen to you. You gave us input for the game, gave us ideas for call outs and now you give us the idea to be flexible with shipments. And Dutch Pinball abides. That’s why we offer you the alternative of direct shipment by air so you will receive your game asap. The costs of this shipment will be higher of course but we just want to offer you the option.

1. You choose regular shipment by sea: your game will be sent in a batch to the USA and you only pay the costs in the USA (approximately $ 300.00).
2. You choose direct shipment by air: your game will be sent directly from the factory to your house (approximately $ 1,450.00).

For Achievers in Australia and Asia, we will find out what the costs are for these two choices and inform you later. For Achievers in Europe, it is easy. They will all be shipped directly from the factory to your house by truck. We will inform you individually about the costs (this differs per country and city).

The mission of Dutch Pinball is to bring fun to the world and we believe we succeeded in designing and building the best pinball machine ever with high-quality animations, music, light and SFX, immersive game-play and love for details. We hope you will love it as much as we do.
We’ll send out more updates as soon as we have more ‘new shit’ to show you guys!

Until then, stay tuned.

Best regards,
Team Dutch Pinball

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