April 14

NEWS : Two Jersey Jack Interviews : 92.7 WOBM and New Jersey Monthly


Jersey Jack pinball has been featured in two interviews, one from 92.7 WOBM radio and the other from New Jersey Monthly.  In the 92.7 interview, Jack talks about the upcoming pinball machine from Pat Lawlor.  Pat Lawlor has designed some of the greatest pinball machines to date.  Some of his titles include Twilight Zone, Earth Shaker, Whirl Wind. Pat also designed the best selling pinball machine of all time, The Addams Family.

The other article from New Jersey Monthly features Jack talking about his pinball history and the company.

New Jersey Monthly :


The new pinball machine had made its way to the end of the assembly line, having been fitted with all the devices that make a silver ball’s zigzag journey through the flashing, dinging playfield such an addictive pleasure. Before the machine could be shipped, Jack Guarnieri had one more thing to add. He took a silver marker and signed “Jersey Jack” on the back—indicating his nickname and the name of his company.

“In a lot of ways, it’s a playable artwork,” he says.

Guarnieri doesn’t sign all the games that leave his Lakewood pinball factory, but this one was special. It was among the first finished Hobbit machines, the second design produced since Jersey Jack Pinballstarted in 2011. Lined up nearby were 2,500 or so Wizard of Oz games—the company’s first model—complete with ruby-slipper flippers and a winged monkey that snatches up captured balls. “Just like in the movie,” says Guarnieri.

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92.7 WOBM Radio interview :



Jersey Jack Drops A Bomb About Their Next Pinball Game [Video]

Jersey Jack Pinball in Lakewood has an interesting dilemma – how do you follow up two of the most iconic properties of all time, The Wizard of Oz and The Hobbit? Well, if you’re them, you team up with one of the most iconic pinball designers of all time and go all in.

As part of my visit to the JJP factory in Lakewood yesterday, Jack let a bit of a tease slip.

It’s actually kind of funny how it happened – as he was showing us the factory and we were talking about the first two well received games, he dropped a bomb about “Game 3″.

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