March 25


Video of Unboxing and Game Play of Spider-Man VE :

I got to unbox and play my friend’s Spider-Man VE.  The artwork on the new machine looks great.  From the play field illustrations, to the LEDS under the play field, the game is bright and colorful.  Everyone knows how the game plays since it was originally released in June 2007.  It is one of the best Steve Ritchie flow games that was produced in my opinion.

The Pros :

  • New dots and sound with game play.
  • Cliffys on the holes of the play field.
  • Reinforced metal on plastics and VUK.
  • New magnet on the Doc-Oc shot.
  • Cabinet artwork looks fantastic.
  • LED’s installed throughout the play field.
  • Laser cut side rails.

The Cons :

  • The new toys on the play field are a bit smaller and less detailed than the old.
  • Some of the DMD animations and sound call outs could use a bit more work with detail.
  • The price, it’s  a bit expensive for a Vault edition, but money needs to be paid for new animations, artwork, and sound.

The game played great.  I love the theme and also the flow of the shots in the game.  If I had the space, this game would be in my game room.  The artwork is so much better compared to the Spider-Man released in 2007.  The theme of the VE seems timeless if you are a fan of the comic book or not.  Stern did a great job with the game.