March 21

Texas Pinball Festival 2016: Day 2 and 3 : Video and Pics


Thanks to Ed Vanderveen and company, it seemed to me that TPF was a success.  At the three days of the event, pinball machines were filled, people were talking with each other, and it seemed that everyone had smiles on their faces.  Thanks again to Ed for allowing me access into the event and to record pictures / videos of this years TPF.  Also thanks to the organizers of the show that made TPF possible again this year.

Day 2 and 3 of the event, my friends and I played more pinball. Day 2 lasted til about 12am in the morning. My legs and back are not happy about it.  All the games at the show were in really great shape.  I did not play any clunkers or anything that had to be repaired.  Again, thanks to everyone who brought their personal machines to play.  Without you, pinball festivals would not be a reality.  Day 2, we sat in on the Mark Ritchie and Chris Granner speaking event. This event walked Mark Ritchie through the timeline of his career with the collaboration of Chris Granner. Chris is the person who did the sounds and music on many of Mark’s and Pat Lawlor’s machines.  I also got to meet a lot of great people in the hobby for the first time.  Don from the Pinball Podcast, Jack Danger, Robin the creator of Pinside, Joe Kace from Laseriffic, The Mezels, Bug and Charlie from Spooky Pinball, Randy Perlow from ColorDMD, Mark Ritchie, Steve Ritchie, Chris Granner, George Gomez, Gary Flowers, Jonathan Joosten from Pinball Magazine, and some others.  Everyone was very friendly and great to speak with. I also had a Pinball Supernova t-shirt signed by all the designers and Chris Granner.

So many great vendors attended the show this year.  The Mezels with Mezel Mods, Laseriffic, Back Alley Creations, Tilt Graphics, Starship Fantasy, PinSound, Cointaker, Marco Specialties, Randy from ColorDMD and many more.

Also some pinball manufacturers were there such as Heighway Pinball with Full Throttle, Dutch Pinball with the Big Lebowski, Spooky Pinball with Rob Zombie, and Stern with Ghost Busters.  I liked them all.  It makes a very hard decision if you are in the market for a new pinball machine because they all played great.

Looking forward to next year already.  I had a blast this year and hopefully next year will be the same.  Again thanks to TPF’s organizers for putting on a great show this year.


Click Below to View Video of Event :

Pics :

Underside of Full Throttle Pinball : Heighway Pinball :


Mark Ritchie and Chris Granner :


Spooky Pinball Rob Zombie Back Glass :


TPF 2016 Souvenirs :


Autographed Pinball Supernova T-Shirt : 
Mark Ritchie, Steve Ritchie, Chris Granner, and George Gomez :