March 19

Texas Pinball Festival 2016: Day One Review

Texas Pinball Festival 2016 has been a great show so far.  Ed Vanderveen and company have created a great pinball show and it keeps getting better.  Ed graciously gave me a media pass for covering this years event.  My wrist band was yellow which denied me access of early entry to the show.  I tried getting into the show early to take some vids and pics before the crowds swarmed the machine but was denied access from Ed.  Maybe next year.

I have seen so many games with new code waiting for release on the show floor.  The Big Lebowski has been updated with new code and on display to be played. Game is playing great minus a few hiccups.  Stern’s new Spiderman with new DMD animations and artwork is on the floor waiting for all the people to play it.  Heighway Pinball’s Full Throttle is playing great, nice game.  Ramps are very smooth and the game has come a long way from its incarnation.  The game of the show so far is Stern’s Ghost Busters.  Marco Specialties has the game on the floor with a consistent line around it waiting to be played.  The game plays great.  The artwork by Zombie Yetti looks awesome.  The game play is somewhat fast, code seems pretty developed, and the call outs are nice.  It went far beyond my expectations playing it in person.  Also on the floor was Rob Zombie’s pinball machine from Spooky Pinball that played nice, the toys and artwork looks super.

Also at the event, a few guest speakers spoke at TPF.   Steve Ritchie spoke about the Stern factory and The Game of Thrones.  Heighway Pinball spoke about it’s new game Alien and showed off some of the game play of this upcoming title.  Andrew from Heighway Pinball also treated the guests with some toys from the game including the Alien head that grabs your ball.  The game is progressing nicely.  George Gomez also spoke and answered questions from the audience.  It was great to attend the presentations and hear from the people who spoke.

I also spoke with many pinball personalities including Randy Perlow from ColorDMD who was super awesome to speak with, Steve Ritchie who was funny and friendly, Kristin Mezel from Mezel Mods who was very nice, Charlie Emory from Spooky Pinball who was overseeing Rob Zombies pinball game while guests played, Joe Kace from Laseriffic who I bought many toppers and mods from, and Don from The Pinball Podcast who is always super nice and great for always giving me shout outs on his site.

Thanks to all who brought their games voluntarily to be played by the guests.  Without you, the guests would have nothing to play.  Thanks again for taking the time and effort in making that happen.

Today is day 2 of the event.  Today more speakers will take the podium and speak to the audience. John Trudeau of Stern, Jaap of Dutch Pinball, The Spooky Pinball crew, and Mark Ritchie with Chris Granner will talk about some pinball later in the day.

Stay tuned for some videos and more coverage of the event.




Spider Man VE :


The Big Lebowski :



Stern Ghost Busters :


Spooky’s Domino’s Pizza :


Rob Zombie’s Pinball :


Heighway Pinball Presentation :



Heighway Pinball’s Alien Pinball Toys :


Steve Ritchie Presentation :


ColorDMD Full Color LED Displays :