March 10

IGN Unboxes Jersey Jack’s The Hobbit Pinball Machine


IGN and Jersey Jack have a video showing the unboxing of The Hobbit pinball machine.  IGN seems to be getting more into the pinball market now teaming up with Stern and Jersey Jack to show off the new machines coming into the market.  This tactic is great for sales and getting the product out to the gamers.


IGN Article :


When you spot The Hobbit pinball machine at your local arcade, bowling alley, or bar, it will look different than other machines. The backglass of The Hobbit, a space normally reserved for scorekeeping reels or rudimentary orange dot matrix displays, is a lively, animated LCD screen, with CG scenes, animations, and movie clips from Peter Jackson’s trilogy. This is the most striking element of The Hobbit, but there are many, many other cool toys, targets, ramps, and surprises unique to this game that you simply have to see to believe.

Click the link below to watch The Hobbit gameplay when I played at Asbury Park Silverball :