March 03

Mod Installs : Relocating Power Switch on Spike System


As we all know, Stern pinball has relocated the power switch on all Spike system machines to the underside of the cabinet head.   We all know that this is a terrible place to put a power switch especially when you have pinball machines stacked side by side especially in a tight area.  Hopefully, Stern saved the two dollars by not having to run as much wire to the cabinet where the switch usually would be placed.  But Markp99 on Pinside has relocated his switch and has documented how to do it.  Nice job.

Link to Pinside Post :

Post Pics and info from Pinside Post : (Thanks Markp99)

Items Needed :

1. 1/4″ Quick Disconnects – Radio Shack: 6403049 – $2.49 (8 pack)
2. 14AWG Stranded Wire – Lowes: 55667121 – ~$5.84 (20 ft)