February 25

MOD INSTALL : 3-D Lenticular Medieval Madness Translite

Planetary Pinball is offering a 3D Lenticular translite for Medieval Madness pinball. The translite looks great and pictures cannot show the true 3d look that it represents.  The translite is made with a durable thick plastic which is bendable and flexible.  The artwork on the translite looks extremely close to the original.  It looks great lighted or unlit when the game is not being played.

The translites are professionally created and look as they should have been on the game from day one.  This product is highly recommended for its durability and appearance. Keep up the great work and looking forward to more translites in the future.

Translite Ordering From Planetary Pinball :

Facts about the translite :

The foil is 1.1mm (millimeter) thick. That’s 0.0433071 inches.
The thicker the foil, the ‘deeper’ the 3D effect.
The ripped surface are actually separate lenses that direct the left and right image
(-stripes) to the corresponding eye.

Click the link below to view the WH20 and Attack From Mars translite :

Video of Medieval 3-D Lenticular Translite :