February 16




Download Code Here :
PRO – http://www.sternpinball.com/game-code/game-code-wwe-pro
LE – http://www.sternpinball.com/game-code/game-code-wwe-le


Spike System:
-Node Board Code v0.16.4
— Improved handling of overcurrent conditions.
— Improved sound streaming.

– Improved all sound effects, speech, and music to 44.1k stereo quality.
– Improved wrestler entrance song balance.
– Improved lighting effects and multicolor LED usage.
– Improved top ring control gate usage.
– Added new ring stage gi lighting and effects.
– Added new ruleset to wrestling matches:
* Increased drop target completions to start a match.
* Lower playfield shots double pin value when complete.
* Signature moves doubles base pin value when complete.
* Signature moves do double the damage to opponents.
* Wrestling moves in the ring add to pin value.
* Matches increase in difficulty per completion.
* Opponents have an HP bar to denote progress.
* Post-match celebration now increases with fan support.
* Post-match celebration plays the wrestler’s theme music.
* Added new dots to out of the ring action.
* Added new lighting effects.
* Increased overall scoring.
– Added new ruleset to Ref Multiball:
* Removed Ref scoring.
* Referee shots now increase Ref Multiball jackpot values.
* Lower playfield shots now build value towards super jackpot.
* Ref Multiball no longer allows wrestling matches to end.
* Reduced difficulty of starting subsequent Ref Multiballs.
* Increased scoring.
– Added new ruleset to Tag Team Multiball:
* Ring targets incorporated into multiball rule.
* Tag targets and Tag Team shot allows for timed 2x scoring and
add-a-ball when lit.
* Opponents now tag out on a timer.
* Reduced the difficulty of starting Tag Team Multiballs.
* Increased scoring.
– Added new rule to Money in the Bank. Rule now starts championship to
the next non-active wrestling match or Tag Team Multiball match.
– Added new threshold awards to pop bumpers. Each Threshold is lower.
– Changed skill shot rules:
* New light plunge skill shot.
* Increased Skill shot scoring.
– Added new ruleset to target bank. Completion of bank starts a hurry-up
which allows the player to hit the center loop shots to increase
bonus multiplier or bonus count.
– Changed outlane ball saves to allow for a new skill shot.
– Increased bottom lane completion progression values.
– Removed bonus multipliers from top lane completions. Completion now
provides 300k points towards bonus.