February 14

NEWS AND VIDEO : Pinball Wizards Bring Intensity At State Championships : THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

The Wall Street Journal posted a story about The third annual IFPA Massachusetts State Pinball Championship inside Lanes and Games in Cambridge, Massachusetts.  All the state champions will meet in  March for the national championship in Las Vegas.  Representing NJ at the national championship next month is yesterday’s winner Jason Zahler.

Thanks to the Wall Street Journal , Taylor DeLench, and Dugan Arnett for the article and pictures :

FEBRUARY 14, 2016

Typically, the primary inhabitants of the arcade inside Lanes and Games in Cambridge are the shaggy-haired children who — fists stuffed with tokens — spend their time hopping between the Fast and the Furious racing game and the toy-grabbing claw machines.

On Saturday afternoon, however, the space was commandeered by a very different demographic.

The third annual IFPA Massachusetts State Pinball Championship was in town, and during a seven-hour marathon tournament, the state’s top 16 players — a collection of mostly middle-aged men wearing mostly jeans and T-shirts — went to battle for a spot in March’s national championship in Las Vegas.

Although certainly not today’s most popular form of extracurricular entertainment, pinball has nonetheless retained a collection of passionate and loyal followers. A significant number of states hold annual tournaments, and there are national and international competitions, as well.

One organization, the International Flipper Pinball Association, keeps individual world rankings on its website.

“Pinball is a real game,” said Chuck Webster, one of the 16 players competing in Saturday’s tournament and the event’s organizer. “There are physics behind it. It’s not a programmed computer game. There’s skill involved.”

See the video and read the rest of the article here at the WSJ: