January 19



Stern just released a code update for the Avengers LE, PRO, and Premium.

Download the updates below :

Pro :

Premium :

LE :

V1.7 – January 16, 2016


– Fixed a problem where Mystery add-a-ball would not add a ball into play if
the only available ball to add was in the Loki lock.
– fixed a problem with the Loki lock post double firing as balls pass thru the lock.
– fixed a problem where the Loki lock did not properly maintain balls as balls
transitioned thru the lock area during multiball events.
– Added dot animations to Battle for Earth wizard mode.
– added “Push Start” button graphics when credits exist.
– Battle for Earth level 2 jackpot speech is now less repetitive.
– added new Stern logo with register R to attract mode
– fixed text on the third shot of each hero (advance hero rule)
– added center spinner display effect.
– added center spinner display graphics to Black Widow mode start.
– fixed a problem with the MAX BONUS X award given by SHIELD.
– fixed a SHIELD display presentation problem (scores not shown properly).
– added an adjustment to allow “Attack on the Helicarier” wizard mode to
carry over to the next ball, default = No, carry over not allowed.
– added spinner rule/graphics to Black Widow advance.
– spinner starts at 5K per spin.
– pops start at 5K per spin.
– added advance pop value to SHIELD award (max pop value = 25K)
– added advance spinner value to SHIELD award (max spinner = 25K)
– Captain America pops now score 20K per pop (instead of 8K)
– completion points given for finishing a VS mode (which can be multiplied
if the final shot has a 2X multiplier on it.)
– removed strobe/pulse style light show from the attract mode light show,
i.e. this light show was designed for incandescent style bulbs. (removed from LE only)
– added an adjustment to score Black Widow ramp shots via the spinner,
default = Yes, Spinner awards B.W. Ramp.
– added speech if flippers are pressed during the attract mode.
– difficulty setting now require less pop bumper hits to finish Captain America battle round.
– added ball saver & ball saver adjustment to “Attack on the Helicarrier”.
– added an adjustment to virtually lock balls towards “Loki Multiball”
– all VS modes now show numeral progress towards completion
(instead of progress bars in several cases)
– changed bottom lane rule, i.e. left flipper alternates “LO” lamps, right flipper alternates “KI” lamps.
– added difficulty settings to all the VS modes.
– added VS mode difficulty setting to Extra Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Extra Hard, etc.. presets.
– added “Battle for Earth” difficulty and ball save settings to Extra Easy, Easy, Medium, Hard, Extra Hard, etc.. presets.
– you can no longer advance Hawkeye if “Attack on the Helicarrier” or “Battle for Earth” wizard modes are ready to start.
– a longer delay has been added between raising the bridge and shaking Hulk’s arms, i.e. this helps
to avoid the bridge from getting hung up on Hulk’s arm (LE only).
– “Attack on the Helicarrier” wizard mode can now start while the Tesseract mode is active.
– “S.H.I.E.L.D” mystery award now advances Bonus X by “1” instead of “3”.
– “Bonus X Hold” is no longer a “S.H.I.E.L.D” mystery award.
– “Bonus Hold” is no longer a “S.H.I.E.L.D” mystery award.
– “Attack on the Helicarier” now shows number of shots remaining to complete.
– Shots to the Black Widow ramp will divert the ball to the Hulk Eject if Extra Ball is lit.
– Shots to the Black Widow ramp will divert the ball to the Hulk Eject for the final shot in “Battle for Earth”.
– Hulk drop targets now pause before resetting in case a ball falls back into the Hulk eject.
– Hulk drop targets remain down during Attack on the Helicarrier.
– Hulk drop targets remain down during Battle for Earth.
– Changed rules for Battle for Earth which now has 4 levels.
– added difficulty setting for Battle for Earth.
– added ball save timer adjustment to Battle for Earth
– Fixed a bug that was causing the Magnet to ignore the “disabled” adjustment.
– Added slingshot power adjustment and implementation.
– Fixed a bug with the mystery lit background lamp effect.
– Fixed a translation that was off of the display.
– added German, French, Spanish and Italian translations
– Removed unused tesseract adjustment.
– Got the proper backgrounds to show with the proper shots in the mini wizard mode
– removed a hulk multiball start speech call that is only used on the LE version of the game.
– fixed a problem with the thor escapes capsule award, it wasn’t showing the full explosion reveal, but now it does
– Changed the Hawkeye spell out award so that the letter collected flashes in a different (and more visible) manner
– included the playfield lights in the match display effect, they do a ground pound effect now.
– Black Widow skill shot not available on the Pro model.