December 26


I just received issue number 2, December 2015 of Game Room Magazine. Great magazine with articles on pinball and the arcade scene.  Below are the topics covered in the magazine.

The magazine stopped publishing in October of 2010 and just recently started publishing new issues when the publication was purchased by Nic and Brooke Parks. The owners of The Pinball Company.

The price of the magazine is $24.00 for four issues.

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Press release below taken from The Pinball Company’s website :

The Pinball Company Acquires GameRoom Magazine

May 1, 2014
The Pinball Company is pleased to announce the purchase of GameRoom Magazine from it prior publisher, Kevin Steele. Nic and Brooke Parks, co-owners of The Pinball Company are very excited for the opportunity to bring back the great publication. “The magazine had been an industry reference since 1988, when it was first founded, through its last issue in October, 2010. We are so happy to be bringing GameRoom Magazine back into circulation as it ties in closely with The Pinball Company’s objective of shedding more light onto a growing industry,” said Nic Parks.

GameRoom Magazine is a publication that focuses on pinball games, arcades and jukeboxes, with tips on games from the past to the newest arrivals. It is also a source for restoration and maintenance of pinball machines.

The format will be changed from a monthly publication, to quarterly, with the first issue coming out sometime in the fall of 2014. Pinball Company customers will be given a free one year subscription when they make a purchase. Articles such as “Game Room of the Month” will be continued and other pinball/arcade game topics will be discussed.

Founded in 2006, The Pinball Company is an online leader of pinball and arcade sales. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to bring enjoyment to all gaming enthusiasts.

Topics covered in this issue :

  • Pinball Expo 15
  • Rise and Fall of Jungle King
  • Wish List for Christmas 2015
  • Interview With George Gomez
  • Generation Gap
  • Pinball’s New Faces
  • Build Your Own Virtual Pinball
  • Slot Machine Salvage
  • Galloping Ghost Arcade

Pages from the current Game Room Magazine.