December 25

GAME PLAY TUTORIAL : Nate Shivers Introduces Pinball With the Pros : AC/DC


Nate Shivers from Coast2Coast podcast has created a new video show called Pinball With the Pros.  Nate and a pinball player who is ranked in the top 50 will play a game and discuss rules and game play.  This week Nate plays AC/DC with Keith Elwin.

Nate Shivers is joined by Keith Elwin on the inaugural episode of Pinball With The Pros to play AC/DC Premium Edition.

Special thanks:
Steve Massa – Location and game
Josh Sharpe – Rules and creative adviser
Bowen Kerins – Rules adviser (amazing rules sheet)

Pinball With The Pros is a web series where Nate Shivers of Coast 2 Coast Pinball and some of the best pinball players in the world get together for a unique one on one playing experience.

Special Thanks to the series sponsor Stern Pinball.


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