December 18


My friend Joe recently purchased a GOT LE and received it this week.  I volunteered to come over and unbox the machine with a couple friends.  We setup the machine in about 30 mins and played it for an hour or so afterwards.  I really enjoyed the game.  A lot of tough shots that brutally spits the ball right back at you.  You want to play this game mentally thinking you want to kick its ass.  Below are the PROS and CONS of the machine which are purely my own opinion.


Click Below for the Unboxing and Quick Game Play Video :


* Side and play field art are so much better than the original pics that were shown when the game was originally released.

* LED lighting and sound quality are incredible. The LEDS are extremely bright and the sound is so crisp and clear.  A couple modes in the game have the sound of wind and fire crackling which sound great.

* The far left shot is very gratifying when shooting the spinner.

* DMD animations are pretty good.  Some of the animations are done using video from the television show.  Animations that are displayed on the red LED screen don’t look so muddy such as Iron Man.

* Side rails and lock down bar are a deep black with engraved lettering .  Looks great

* Great toys and upper ramp.  The toys on the play field are the sword that holds the multi ball, battering ram in the center of the play field, and the throne in the upper top right of the play field.  The castle upper play field actually plays really well.  It is used entirely better than the lower play field in AC/DC which to me seemed like an after thought.


* New lock down bar mechanism. Stern has changed the lock down bar mechanism to two clasps left and right of the cabinet.  Reminds me of an old school arcade cabinet that holds down the control panel for the joystick and buttons.  Changing from the typical lever to the new clasp mechanism does not do it for me.

* Ball hang up. The ball hung up about 4 or 5 times on the top gate near the castle.  The only way to remove the ball was to shake the machine and tilt out the turn.

* Flasher falling out of spot light over sling shot.  The bulb fell out due to the shaking and vibrations of the machine during game play.  I guess the hot glue did not do its job.

* Back glass art. I am not entirely fond of the back glass art.  I wish it was more represented like the side art of the dragon.

* Cleaning the play field.  I do not know how easy it is to remove the upper play field, but I hope it is.  The top of the play field is littered with stuff from ramps, upper play field, toys, etc.  Waxing, cleaning, clearing ball hang ups seems like it is going to be a lot of work.