December 11

Spooky Pinball Releases Video of Rob Zombie’s Spook Show International

Spooky Pinball released on it’s Facebook page a video preview of the new Rob Zombie pinball machine.  This is a follow-up to Spooky’s first pinball machine America’s Most Haunted.  The video shows some game play, toys, artwork, and a color dmd.  The cabinet and back glass artwork are amazing.  I also give credit to Spooky for producing a game with a color dmd.  Great to see something different than just a red led screen, especially when companies such as Jersey Jack are using an LCD for its back glass.  The toys were created by Back Alley Creations, the company who did the toys for Jersey’s Jacks Wizard of Oz and also the Hobbit.  Game speech done by Rob Zombie, Sheri Moon Zombie, and also Sid Haig who starred in many of Rob’s films.  Pinball artwork created by Alex Horley which looks great. It’s great to see a boutique company like Spooky creating pinball machines where so many have failed.  Great job Spooky Pinball.  Looking forward to playing the Rob Zombie game.


Click the Link Below to View the Video :