December 04

MOD INSTALL : PinGraffix Metallica Snake Mod Install: Metallica LE


Tonight I installed the PinGraffix snake mod into my Metallica LE to see the fit and looks of the mod.  The mod looks great.  It is a very easy install and only took minutes.  The mod really adds more dimension to the snake head that floats on the play field.  The mod involves removing the plastics above the snake head, and right ramp to apply the new plastic and decal.  The plastics that I received did not come with the proper holes to install the mini posts onto the plastic so I drilled them out using my drill press.  I believe PinGraffix is asking people to tell them what version of the Metallica pinball they have so the correct plastics can be mailed to them.  Overall the mod looks great and highly recommended to everyone.


View Installation Video and Game Play Below :