December 02

ColorDMD Install on Newer Stern Cabinets : Star Trek Premium


I just installed a ColorDMD into my Star Trek Premium pinball machine.  Hoping code will drop in the future to make the animations even better.  I get tired of looking at the red color all the time.  Even if no code is available, it’s great being able to change the color of the dmd to anything you like.


Video Install Click Below :

9 colordmd startrek

Website Link :

Stern New Style ColorDMD Install Star Trek

Recently I installed a ColorDMD on my Stern Star Trek pinball machine in preparation for future release of a color rom. The install is very easy.

• Remove the back glass, play field glass, and balls.

• Remove the DMD and lean it forward on the cabinet.

• Next remove all the cabling attached to the old DMD unit.

• Unscrew the 6 bolts holding the DMD in place.

• Remove the old DMD.

• Place the plexi-glass onto the DMD studs where the DMD would go.

• Place plastic spacer, 2 washers, 1/4 spacer, ColorDMD, and 3/4 spacer on the four corners of the studs of the DMD frame bracket.

• Attach the DMD ribbon cable coming from J5 to the ColorDMD. Make sure the red wire on the cable is facing right.

• Plug in the power cable that runs from the back box to the front of the cabinet to the power connector on the DMD. Make sure you do not plug the cable into the AUX connector.

• Next lift up the play field glass and connect the power cable in the front of the cabinet into the power cable under the shooter rod.

• Turn on machine and program the ColorDMD to SAM using the right hand select button on the unit.