November 25



Stern has just released another code update for the Walking Dead making it code 1.53


Taken from Stern’s Facebook page :

Stern Pinball has released code update 1.53 for TWD Pro, Premium and LE models. – v1.53 – v1.53 – v1.53

Detailed information can be found in the READ ME file.

If you have any suggestions, questions, need technical advice, find errors or have comments, contact us through our website: or call 1-800-542-5377. You can also to report any software problems.

Stern remains committed to providing code updates. Stay Tuned for more updates on other titles soon. Happy Thanksgiving.


V1.53 – Nov. 23, 2015

– Added a background image for the crossbow HSTD display during the
attract mode.
– Center crossbow walker “killed” image for the background display
effect was incorrect. This has been fixed.
– Y coordinate for crossbow walker “killed” images 1-4 for the background
display effect were incorrect. These have been fixed.
– Added a mode for killing “crossbow” walkers. Once lit, it can be
started at any time (while any other game mode is running) by shooting
the right ramp.
– Changed the scoring for the combos. 250,000 + 25,000 is now
500,000 + 37,500. Now maybe someone can get a combo champion HSTD.
– Changed the HSTD music so it is not so repetitive with the game
over music.
– Removed the display of the playfield multiplier timer (prison
standups completed) while it is running. The timer is not allowed to
be reset when it is running.
– Fixed a bug that was causing the Magnet device driver(s) to ignore
the “disabled” adjustment.
– Changed sound levels for HORDE sounds — these were too quiet.
– Added a lamp effect for the burning pile of zombies in the bonus.
– Cleaned up last man standing reset, along with walker kills. Walkers
killed are reset to 0, so bicycle girl and extra ball awards can be
cycled through again. Walkers killed champion still keeps track of
the total number of walkers. Bonus accounts for the sets of walkers
not counted via the burning piles (1 burning pile for each time last
man standing is started).
– Added burning pile of zombies to bonus for completing a set of
walkers (115, adjustable).
– Changed the arena collect value from 1 base value (~1M) for each right
ramp shot to 1/2 of the unmultiplied value (~3M/2, ~4M/2, ~5M/2, …,
– Cleaned up some issues with horde and last man standing when the balls
are collected. The trough kick now waits until the “player X keep
shooting” effect runs. Horde “keep shooting” effect was being queued
instead of requested, which caused it to never be seen, because the
horde lost effect would never exit (it now times out).
This has been corrected.
– Added speech for last man standing (add-a-ball).
– Added art to the shot multiplier (X) champion HSTD display in the
attract mode.
– Added a large celebration effect for winning last man standing.
– Left target bank initialized at the start of every ball (instead of
just the first one). This way, the supply is never locked in at the
start of a new ball.
– Added artwork for X lane shot multiplier.
– Changed Arena scoring from 1M, 4M, 8M, 1M, 4M, 8M, … to 3M, 4M, 5M,
6M, 7M, 8M, … Lowered previous mode shot award for Arena from 500K
to 250K.
– Added a setting to multiply the zombie kills when the kill is made
with a multi-kill (MAX=2X).
– Added an adjustment for the number of zombie kills needed to light
last man standing.
– Added breakdown (source) of scores to the attract mode HSTD display
for the X champion.
– Walkers remaining for next level during HORDE was being rendered over
the score. This has been corrected.
– Added a sound for an already-lit top lane. Removed a duplicate sound
request for completing the top lanes. The duplicate request was tying
up a track that could have been used for the pop bumper sounds.
– Added narrative w/ Rick speech.
– Reworked the prison doors driver to re-fire the doors coil 1 time per
request to open if the doors fail to open. Added logic for compensation
(detect stuck closed / stuck open) so awards can be given if the doors
are unable to open or close.
– Raised the volume of the horde music + shooter music.
– Added speech for lighting the tower (2x playfield + jackpot).
– Set some defaults (not ABC) for the HSTD tables.
– Added criteria for BIT speech. The speech is only requested if the
drain will probably result in end of ball.
– Last man standing was not being stopped properly. This would cause
the total for last man standing to be displayed at the end of every
ball. This has been corrected.
– Added crossbow sounds and speech.
– Added lamp effects for bicycle girl.
– Added a lamp effect for combo award.
– Prison letter effect was not requesting the prison sounds when the
prison yard feature was started. This has been corrected.
– Prison yard walker killed effect was not requesting the yard walker
killed sound when prison multiball was started. This has been
– Added art to the prison multiball total display effect.
– Well walker was occasionally repeating the same phrase. This has
been corrected.
– Changed multi-kill mode carryover scores adjustment default from
YES to NO.
– Added HSTD speech for near-timeout. Fixed other HSTD speech from
being too repetitive.
– Prison doors were allowed to re-open via the flippers after being
closed at end of ball but before bonus (and also during test mode).
This has been corrected.
– Added speech to the terminus mode.
– Fish tank lamp on the entrance to the right ramp is now lit solid when
ready to collect heads #1 and #2 and blinks only when ready to collect
head #3 (to light woodbury).