November 21



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Welcome back! Thanks for tuning in friendly listeners! We are back in the hot seat and boy do we have some updates!

Corndog Convention update- somewhere out east

Lineup changes
WWE is out replaced by Game of Thrones
FishTales has left for Outtakes and replaced by Elvis HUO
Police Force is out replaced by Family Guy HUO

1. Game of Thrones 23%
2. Wizard of Oz 17%
3. Family Guy 12%
4. KISS 11%
5. Walking Dead 11%
6. Star Trek 7%
7. Elvis 7%
8. Eight Ball Deluxe 5%
9. South Park 4%
10. Hook 3%

Charity Recap- A Great event! It was so great to see people like Charlie from Spooky Pinball and Jack from Jersey Jack Pinball taking the time to come up and support Alivia. We saw Lloyd as well.

Grinds my Gears
Mother of the year award this year goes to letting a child literally stomp on pinball glass because she likes to.

League Changes
We are working on moving to a Casual and Advanced Leagues this winter.

PayRange- New toppers, lockdown bar stickers

Pinside Thread- Operating Pins Remotely
I swear some people don’t want a damn thing to ever change. It needs to change! WIFI is not a unsafe method in fact, Every other piece of equipment we operate has complete control.

We use Cobra Locks on all our arcade/amusement games. We have a single key for each location making things much easier. We originally had different keys for each game and it quickly became a nightmare.
WE use TF1078-7 7/8” Locks with 1 1/12” CAM

PinPortal AD Screen-
We added a new feature to Portal recently that allows a dedicated monitor to be used for advertising when league is out of play. We have ads for the location specials, food, drinks, and of course Pinball updates! Pretty awesome and its running on a INTEL HDMI Stick computer.

3 Years of operating-
We did a .50 all weekend special and was extremely successful.

Game of Thrones Talk- How do you like that game?
Its super easy to clean!

Fair Update: We got the banners down! Its getting damn cold out there! Arcade Kris is working on a heater so we can continue working on games there.

Arcade Auction
Arcade Kris and I are heading to an Arcade Auction next weekend after Thanksgiving. Looking forward to checking that out! (IA)

Corndog fun facts
Pronto Pup or Corndogs?

As Always, thanks for listening! We will get to show feedback next time! After our Todd Tuckey Interview!