November 20



Stern has posted another update for Game of Thrones Pro and LE editions.

Taken from Stern’s Facebook page :

Stern Pinball has posted Game of Thrones new code version 1.17 for the Pro and version 1.01 for the Limited Edition models.

This code update is enhanced with additional art, music and sound which includes a new dual video mode. In addition the update contains fixes, adjustments, and added rules. The new code improves the casual player experience, while extending the depth of experience for the enthusiast player.

Please go to the read me file to read more about this update. Stern is committed to delivering a comprehensive pinball experience to our valued customers.

Pro – v1.17:

Limited Edition – v1.01:

This update and read me files can also be found on our website in the game code library.

V1.17 – November 18, 2015
– fixed issue where Hand of the king
and extra ball lit could be awarded twice
– Moved some dragon sound effects to its own audio track.
– Added lamp effect to “Extra Ball Is Lit”.
– Winter is coming will not interrupt stacking modes with blackwater
– Increased value of video mode
– Blackwater Super Jackpots are now worth more
– Reduced the window where the right orbit switch was being ignored due to a ball launch
– Made sword award happen right away if it can
– Tweaked a couple animations in Video mode.

V1.16 – November 10, 2015
– Tweaked the Mystery Extra Ball and Special chances of occurring
– Pop bumpers will only light one extra ball per player per game
– Tweaked pop bumpers to give out some awards less frequently
– Video mode has new art and some new game play
– Reduced how fast Wall multiball value can grow.
– nights watch oath is now smoother
– Added Audits for pop bumper awards
– Fixed Audits for video mode
– Added many other various audits
– Tweaked default HSTD values and champion values
– Removed Stick Figure video mode adjustment
– Tweaked the Histograms to more accurately reflect the average scores
– Fixed issue where the game was silent at the start of Targaryen
– Fixed 32bit replay issues.
– Added adjustment to reduce intensity of some lamp effects
– Added more interesting rules to WINTER HAS COME
– 3 phases: HORDE, BOSS, FROZEN
– 7 shots, shoot all to complete and start BOSS
– Each shot made starts or restarts a timer
– Each time the timer runs out one more shot is added back
– 3 Shots individually timed are timing out fast
– If they all time out the boss will attack and you will be FROZEN
– Each time one is shot it will start a new shot timing out.
– 4 shots collect the SJP == the total of the 4 Winter Is Coming values collected
– Shoot one shot within a small window to unfreeze and restart BOSS.
– If the time runs out go to HORDE
– Changed the number of Winter is coming needed from 7 to 4.
– Added player scores instant info page.
– Fixed issue where completing all needed winter hurry ups would light swords.
– Fixed issue where the shot lamps would be off when they should be the players color.
– Added effects to the Super Jackpot for Wall Multiball
– Increased the scoring for Hand of the King
– Redemption is turned back on with this release.