November 19

News and Video : PinGraffix Installs PinBlades and BladeSkins at Modern Pinball NYC


PinGraffix recently paid a vist to Modern Pinball NYC to install their famous PinBlades and BladeSkins on a few of the machines at the arcade.  Also check out the new PinBlades for X-Men, Bride of Pinbot, Diner, Black Rose, and Terminator 3.

PinGraffix :

Hello Fellow PinHeads!

Last week the PinGraffix staff paid a visit to Modern Pinball in New York City. In case you have never heard of it..Modern Pinball is a pinball ONLY arcade. It’s owned by Steve Epstein and Steve Zahler,

 Steve Epstein use to own the Broadway Arcade back in the 70s and 80s when pinball was at its all time high. Lots of great titles. Some old and some new.  A good eclectic mix of pinball for all skill levels and ages.

 The machines at Modern Pinball are constantly monitored and maintained by their great staff. They really care about pinball and want to see that you have a great experience.

 While we were there, we installed some of our PinBlades and Bladeskins on some of their machines, including; Star Trek, Kiss PRO, ACDC Pro.

 Read the rest of the article here :!Modern-Pinball-NYC/c1wrb/56437d9e0cf2708e0015e95b

 Modern Pinball NYC information :

362 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10016
Phone: (646) 415-8440
Hours:  SUN, MON, TUE, WED: 11AM to Midnight
THU, FRI, SAT: 11AM to 2AM

Pinball Supernova Arcade Review of Modern Pinball NYC :