Pinball Tech Repair : Cloning, Duplicating, Stern Spike SD Card On Newer Stern Pinball Machines

DISCLAIMER : Try At Your Own Risk :

I have wondered how to duplicate the Stern Kiss SD card in my pinball machine for backup purposes.  I have figured it out using a software called HDD Raw Copy that duplicates all files creating an image to a destination file.  HDD Raw Copy also copies hidden files and other formats that are not Windows related.  HDD Raw Copy only works on a Windows based PC computer.  I am using a Kingston 8GB card as the replacement.  I believe in the video you can see what card type and size when its held up to the camera.  The card taken out of the machine is a Kingston 4GB card.   I didn’t want to switch brands because the prior card that Stern used had issues with the Spike system board.  It seems that the Kingston brand works with the board.

The purpose of duplicating the SD card is to prevent me from having to call Stern in case of the situation that my SD card goes bad in my pinball machine.  I have seen SD cards get corrupt or the file system on the card somehow becomes unreadable. Making a backup of a good file system on the SD card prevents you from having to wait days from Stern sending you out a new one. If a pinball machine is on route, that can be days of lost revenue.



Watch SD Card Tutorial Video Below :

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