October 23

CODE UPDATE : Game of Thrones CODE UPDATE FROM Stern Pinball VERSION 1.10


Game of Thrones Pro Code Update! 1.10 code is now available and includes a large amount of updates and improvements! Full details of the update are located within the release notes.

Version 1.10 is now available. It can be downloaded from the following link:

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V1.10 – October 22, 2015


– increased the strength of the hold for the sword mech

– Added Iron Throne lamp to Iron Throne backgrounds

– Added Hand of the king lamp to Hand of the king backgrounds

– Added post Hand of the King background lamp effect

– How many seconds you have to choose your battle increases with the

  number of chocies you have.

– Made instructions always show if not in casual mode

– Made instruction timers longer if not in casual mode

– Fixed a problem where the choose your battle timer would not count down

– Fixed a problem where a bad opto could give a jackpot before Blackwater started

– Fixed issue of ball arriving in the lock and the game gives a speech call.

– Fixed an issue where a flaky ramp opto could lead to the game reseting

V1.07 – October 20, 2015


– Added a message to the end of inserting credits that prompts the player

  hold the action button for 3 seconds to start “advanced play”

V1.06 – October 19, 2015


– Fixed Martell Mode not ending when it should

– Increased the starting points for Wall Multiball

– Changed the name of “Battle at the Wall” to “Battle for the Wall”

– Fixed Gold not being intialized like it should be.

– Replaced some castles with sigils

– Replaced Hand of the King Art with new and improved

– Changed special points to 25M

– Changed extraball points to 15M

– Added Attract page to explain how to get advanced play

V1.05 – October 15, 2015


– Fixed a Dragon flapping problem at the start of Targaryen

V1.04 – October 14, 2015


– Fixed the names of swords

– Removed button lamps from masking lamp strings

– Added player up info to the first page of instant info

– Stopped the game from pausing at end ball after Martell

– Changed the rules for Martell some.

– Increased the scoring for Martell.

– Made house selection happen if valid playfield

– Made lannister + greyjoy end after all 5 lannister shots even if

  there are greyjoy shots remaining.

V1.03 – October 13, 2015


– Changed how Choose your Battle timer works.

  It will not reset as the player changes pages.

– Fixed build Stark text to always be on the correct side.

– Removed short lamp effect from winter grows choreogrophy.

– Reduced the dutycycle frequency of the up post in the dragon shot

– Added Casual Mode Adjustment.

    – Factory PRO will be YES and NO for PRE/LE

    – No House selection at the start. PLayers will be HOUSE STARK.

    – STARK starts complete so they are one house closer to EXTRA BALL

    – GREYJOY starts lit.

    – No option to PASS on choose your battle

    – If only one house is lit the house will start without a prompt


    – Difficulty, HOME, and Directors Cut INSTALLS will change the setting.

    – Holding the ACTION button for 3 seconds before starting a game will

      allow the game to start NOT in casual mode if desired.

– Added more interesting rules to Hand of the King

    – It plays in “sets” of rules

    – Each set starts with 4 shots to complete.

      The shots are decided by the four houses that were completed

    – The value collected from each shot builds the value of a Super jackpot.

    – After the 4 shots Super Jackpot Lights completing the Set.

    – The value collected from the Super Jackpot builds

      the value of the Super Jackpo Hurry Up.

    – After 4 Sets a hurry up starts at the Battering Ram.

    – Once the Hurry up is coleted or times out the whole things starts over.

    – Each House completed before Hand starts will change or add to the rules

      of the multiball.

        – Targaryen will increase the base value of all shots

        – Stark Will add a “Bonus Round” at the end of each set

        – Baratheon will increase from 4 shots needed to all 7 shots.

        – Lannister will increase the starting value of the SJP Hurry Up

        – Greyjopy will subtract one set needed before SJP Hurry Up.

        – Tyrell will increase the value of the Super Jackpot

        – Martell – Each shot needs to be shot twice

– Removed small lamp effects from unlit lower lanes.

– Added more points to the start of Blackwater

– Made many of the full playfield lamp effects less bright

– Added background and foreground lamp effects for the pop bumpers

– Fixed Battering Ram lighting Playfield multipliers when it should not.

– Remove randomness from pop bumper awards if in competition mode.

– Made the middle choice in mystery be big points if in competition mode.

– Swords will award in order if the game is in competition mode.

– Fix – Mystery was not awarding a Special

– Tweaked – Mystery big points formating no longer forces a leading zero

– Fixed a control gate not opening when it should from a left orbit.

V1.02 – October 5, 2015


– Improved responsiveness of battering ram.

– Added support for Dragon flashers.

– Updated sounds.

– Iron Throne – added victory laps after completing the Red Keep while

  multiball is still active.

– Dim backbox lights when in the Service Menus.

– Added new artwork for video mode duel.

– Modified Iron Throne award light show to incorporate a full playfield effect.

– Fixed an issue where Iron Throne Start was not holding the ball

  in the sword lock up properly.

– Fixed an issue in Targaryen 3 where Greyjoy shots on the target banks would

  require completion rather than a single shot.

– Added “victory laps” to iron throne if there’s still a multiball in progress

  after red keep.

– Added new battering ram sound fx.

V1.01 – September 29, 2015


– Dragon mech effects added.

– Mode award lamp effects added.

– Modified Martell Add Time display.

– Modified Targaryen Add Time display.

– Modified Martell mode to only award the 3rd shot, but build towards it

  with prior shots.

– Added a graphic for choosing your castle. Cool map scrolling!

– Fixed an issue where the total screen was not showing the super jackpots

V1.00 – September 29, 2015


– Initial release.