2015 Pinball Expo Hall of Fame inductees! David Thiel, Lyman Sheats and John Rotharmel


Picture taken from Stern’s Facebook page 

Three great pinball people  in the world of pinball have been inducted into the 2015 Pinball Expo Hall of Fame this year.  The three are :

David Thiel : (Taken from his LinkedIn Profile)

Run-Time Audio creator having shipped over 70 major published products on a diverse set of platforms since 1980. Designed and programmed software tools for the production of run-time audio. Trained and managed a group of talented interactive audio engineers. As an interactive audio consultant I’m looking for projects that need a composer, performer, audio engineer, interactive audio editor and programmer. As of Sept, 2013 I have delivered 25 pinball audio packages including music, sound effects and speech. I have worked closely adapting and enhancing assets from licensed titles including Tron, Family Guy, Spider-man, Indiana Jones, Wheel of Fortune, NBA, Avatar, AC/DC, X-Men, Avengers, Star Trek and Mustang. Composing original audio in the style of licensed assets is a specialized skill.
Composed music, created sound effects and voice clips for Dark Tonic’s Wall Street Titan and Treasure Tomb: casual video games for Apple IOS and Android platforms. Created the sound packages for High Point Entertainment’s Crazy Money Tycoon, Cars 2, Descendants of the Dragons and Genies, Bacon Time, Mardi Gras Mania, Siren’s Moon and Forever Knight video slot machines.

Lyman Sheats :

Lyman Sheats is a software programmer that started working in the pinball industry in 1993. Lyman worked at the time on machines for both Stern and Williams pinball companies. Once the Williams pinball company closed, Lyman helped program some console games for Midway.

In 2011 Sheats was once again hired by the Stern Pinball company to work on new pinball machines.

Sheats not only is a programmer working on pinball machines, but is also rated by the IFPA (International Flipper Pinball Association) as one of the top pinball players in the world.

John Rotharmel :

Mechanical engineer from Stern Pinball.