October 14

AMH #150 Charity Auction by Spooky Pinball for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Great Cause : Update Sold for $16,000


Spooky Pinball is auctioning off its last Americas Most Haunted serial # 150.  Every dollar over $4995.00 goes to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Some of the plastics on the machine are all gold to address the last serial # of the Americas Most Haunted run.  It’s a great pinball machine for a terrific cause.

UPDATE:  The pinball machine sold for $16,000.  $11,000 went to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Awesome for everyone involved.

Here is the Pinside post Charlie from Spooky Pinball posted an hour ago.

Well… here it is. The last AMH we’ll ever sell (and we mean that!). Why are we doing this? Everyone seemed to want that number, and this gives us a a fun nice way to see it go to a good cause with no arguments.

Here’s how to bid…

Pinball Life Explosion Open House, Friday October 16th at 3:00 p.m., Svengoolie himself will be auctioning this game off to the highest bidder. Bidding starts at $4995 ($1,000 below retail). Every single dollar over that $4995 goes to Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.
So… say the game sells for $6995. The winner will write a check to Spooky Pinball LLC for $4995, and a check to JDRF for $2,000. Your donation is tax deductible, and all info on that goes straight to you from JDRF.

Game has all gold plastic parts (even a Golden Ghost!), custom one of a kind rails, hinges, & gold powder coat (thanks to Dino at Pinball Metal, and Terry & Scott at Pinball Life!), a custom plaque signifying the game being the last sold, premium Ghost Buster LED’s, and the plastic protector kit installed. She’s a classy lady. I hear it may even have a custom PinGulp!

If you can’t be there… send a friend who can bid for you. If you really really want the game and can’t be there, email: kt@spookypinball.com and she can help. But really, we’d like to see the winner in person so get there!

THIS GAME WILL BE AT PINBALL LIFE ON FRIDAY! You get to “line jump”, take it home, arrange to have it shipped to you… whatever you need.

That’s it… any questions, email KT… I’ll try to check back here later today but as usual we’re crazy getting ready to load up for the Pinball Life Explosion & Pinball Expo!

Thanks everyone.

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