York Pinball Show 2015


I went to the York Pinball Show Friday (10-9-2015).  It was a good show considering many vendors and pinball people are gearing up for Expo next week.  Many pinball machines were at the show, including ones that I never played.  Some of the machines that I played for the first time were The Champion Pub, Dirty Harry, and Corvette.  I was also able to play a couple games on Spooky Pinball’s America’s Most Haunted.  I thought the game played pretty good.  I have to say that the VUX hole has the  strongest eject of any pinball machine I ever played.  Also many EM machines were present at the show as well.  It’s great to see how some of the EM’s look great after so many years of playing and abuse.  Nice to keep those machines alive since it’s a big part of the pinball history.  Also, Cointaker brought a Premium, Pro Kiss and The Walking Dead which I played.  A Big Juicy Melons was also on free play for all the attendees at the show to play.

The usual vendors were at the show : Cointaker, Mayfair Amusement, Breweriana Sales, Star Ship Fantasies, Pinball Star, VP Cabs, and Pinball Parts Plus. I bought a complete set of Safe Cracker ramps from Star Ship Fantasies and a Gene Simmons shooter rod with some bulbs from Cointaker. I also bought some parts to rebuild my flippers on my Williams games from Pinball Parts Plus.  It is always good to have spare parts in your inventory.  The show also had the outside flea market as well as some other people selling items inside the building.

The cons of the show were that the Hobbit did not make an appearance.  Joe from Pinball Star represented Jack with a couple of The Wizard of Oz machines and also America’s Most Haunted which I got to play.  Joe, thanks for bringing the machines.  As I mentioned above, many vendors were missing because of Expo next week.

I also have to thank everyone who brought machines from their personal collections to let everyone play.  If it wasn’t for the graciousness of the people who attend the show, I would never have been able to play games such as The Champion Pub or Dirty Harry as I did for the first time today.  Thanks again.

Now to wait until next year for another show in the tri-state area.   Thanks again York Pinball for putting on another great show.

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