October 05


Pinball Magazine # 3 by Jonathan Joosten is here and ready to be purchased. Jonathan also has printed and sold issues #1 and #2 which can be purchased also. I have both of those issues and the magazines are great.  Highly recommended to buy the back issues also if you haven’t done so already.

Info about issue # 3 :

To purchase issue # 3, click the link below :

Pinball Magazine 03 Kiss special cleaned up.indd

Pinball Magazine No. 3 contents:

  • 260 glossy full color pages (it’s more like a book…)
  • Almost everything there is to know about KISS-themed pinball machines (total KISS-related content is about 88 pages)
  • Former pinball designer Jim Patla discusses his entire career at Bally Pinball, including lots of new details on his 1979 KISS pinball design as well as other games
  • Former Bally Marketing and Licensing Director Tom Nieman talks about his years at Bally, inventing the licensing model, lots of details on Bally’s KISS marketing campaigns and much more
  • Pinball artist Kevin O’Connor discusses his years and games at Bally, including the artwork he did for KISS and lots more. This article features unique sketches and artwork!
  • Stern’s Director of Marketing and Licencing Jody Dankberg discusses their current KISS game
  • Stern Pinball designer John Borg discusses his new KISS design
  • 9-page pinball review of Stern’s KISS by Pinball News
  • 2 Bally KISS restoration features
  • Very rare Gene Simmons painting from 1982 by a well-known pinball artist
  • Barenaked Ladies leadsinger Ed Robertson talks about his pinball passion
  • The French Connection: four articles on French manufacturers of replacement printed circuit boards that will enhance your game
  • Showtime: Festi’Flip, Europe’s biggest pinball show
  • Museum: Freddy’s Pinball Paradise, location to play and game distributor
  • Plus articles on Jersey Jack Pinball (USA), Project Pinball Charity (USA), Pinball Creative (U.K.), Pinball Dreams (Germany), Pavlov Pinball (U.K.), Who’s Working On What?, Show Diary,and lots more

Issues #1 and # 2

Poster Xenon.indd Poster Xenon.indd

To purchase issues # 1 and # 2 , click below :