Code Update : Wizard of Oz Code Update from Jersey Jack Soon To Be Released

Taken from Jersey Jack Facebook Page :

Beta Tesing New WOZ Code which will include the release of Pindemption™ Code, Multiball add-a-ball & resurrection, 2 different extra balls added, 11-letter high score names (ours goes to 11!), bug fixes, and more. Will be available for download very soon!

Jersey Jack Facebook Page :

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Version 5.03 Game Code

* Attempt to kickstart Crystal Ball with every command sent now.
* Display bog removed when a LOT of replays/score awards are turned on.
* Capture Dorothy light now blinks when ball will be locked and is solid when
a ball is already locked and will kick out to upper playfield.
+ Asset protection.
+ Tweet-your-game ability via QR code after game ends. Code only shows up
for 5 minutes after a game, but the timer will be reset if there’s activity
on the flipper buttons.
+ Social media attract screen.
* Winkie VUK now scores during Haunted Holes. Sorry about that.
+ Multiball resurrection via starting a new multiball during grace period of
an exiting one, or via a grace period Glinda Add-a-Ball award. Melt the
Witch and Somewhere Over the Rainbow do not resurrect any multiballs. Melt
the Witch cannot be resurrected via Add-a-Ball, but SOTR can. No other
multiball can resurrect those 2. Everything else should resurrect
everything else.
+ Fireball Frenzy audits.
+ Fireball Frenzy extra balls. This is controlled by 4 new adjustments:
– “First Extra Ball at” sets the # of successful (blue) shots to light extra
ball. Default is 10, range is 5-25.
– “EB Shot Add Amount” sets how many shots get added to light the next extra
ball. Default is 5, range is 3-50.
– “Maximum FBF Extra Balls” sets how many EBs are allowed to be awarded by
Fireball Frenzy. Default is 5, range is 0-10. If set to 0, no extra balls
will be possible from Fireball Frenzy.
– “FBF Extra Ball Memory” sets whether a FBF lit extra ball will survive to
the next ball or not. Default is ON.
* Edited game credits.
* Significantly reduced HSTD minimums. Note that if you change these, you’ll
need to do a Reset High Scores to make the changes show up.
* Ramp lock insert is now subject to light shows.
+ Glinda can now award Add-a-Ball during multiball. This will work only once,
but if a new multiball is started after collecting it, it will be available
+ Glinda can now award Munchkin(TM) time.
* Glinda’s “change horses” award now has priority over points.
+ HOADC audits.
+ HOADC extra ball. This is controlled by 2 new adjustments:
– “Horse Extra Ball Level” sets how many horses you need to collect
successfully to light extra ball. Default is 5, can be 4, 5, 6, 7 or OFF.
– “Horse Extra Ball Memory” sets whether extra ball stays lit after draining
or not. Default is ON.
* Munchkin Modes now have grace periods and can be resurrected by Glinda
during that time.
* OZ top lane display will not show up during ECMB now except to show a
completed bonus X award.
* Fixed a bug where ECMB might not be relightable.
* Fixed an issue where a Haunted Mode would be “forgotten” if the Haunted
skill shot was made while a Haunted Mode was already running. What happens
now is that you get 30s more Haunted time and 2 value increases for the
current mode.
* Fixed an issue where someone might not get to enter initials for starting
* Melt the Witch will now kill every running mode upon start.

=== Pindemption(TM) Code

+ “Free Play Dispensing” adjustment: Allows tickets to dispense when game is
set to Free Play. Default is NO.
+ “Service Credit Dispensing” adjustment: Allows tickets to dispense when
game is playing off of a service credit. Default is NO.
+ “Service Credits Tickets” audit. Number of tickets dispensed from service
credit games (this is a subset of “Tickets Dispensed”).

=== Core Code

* Fixed ball search during tilt issues – ball search paused on tilt start,
ball will force-end after 4 searches (unless Chase Ball is OFF).
+ Asset protection.
+ Log boot-ups.
+ Added Franken (Swiss Francs) to currency list.
* Fixed time over sound playing when ball had already drained.
* HSTD 5-8 default to 0 credits awarded.
* Fixed trough not taking settle time into account with regards to ball

=== OS

* Base version is now Ubuntu 14.04, should support gen 1 and gen 2

Version 5.00 Game Code

* Reduced max power setting for jet bumpers.
* Added switch numbers to trough test display.
* Removed TICKET option from Special Award.
* Attract mode altered when Pindemption(TM) is active.
* Fixed credit light sometimes staying on in diag.
* Score display shows time remaining instead of balls if timed game.
+ Timed-game-related choreography.
* No ball save speech during timed game.
* Castle door latch coil test time now matches time used in gameplay.
* Score now shows tickets won when set for Pindemption.
* Many display changes for Pindemption.
* No bonus screens for Pindemption.
+ Game over tickets won display for Pindemption.
* Updated intro movie and quad cross for Pindemption.
* “Shoot throne room” speech no longer fires in grace period.
* Disable status report in Pindemption.
* Melt the Witch altered for Pindemption.
+ Hits to raise Witch adjustment (default 3, range 1-3).
+ Hits to lower Witch adjustment (default 2, range 1-2).
+ YBR Spots adjustment (default 0, range 0-9). Controls how many free
advances on the Yellow Brick Road you get at the start of the game.
* Fixed card reader attract mode movie (wouldn’t display more than once).
* Intro movie aborts if game is not active (e.g. entered diag).
+ Video now loops in diag on the Crystal Ball to show it’s working.
+ Game Over Music adjustment (default ON).
+ Default payouts adjusted based on Desired Payout Percentage.
+ Attempt to kickstart Crystal Ball in case display had a power glitch and
is sitting in init.

=== Pindemption(TM) Code

+ Pindemption(TM) system.
+ Pindemption Rules adjustment. Controls how entire game operates (and
enables/disables further Pindemption settings).
+ Ticket value adjustment.
+ Total ticket payout adjustment.
+ Pindemption ticket histograms.

=== Core Code

* Added dedicated switches to Single Switch Test.
* Fixed ball search not running during tilt.
+ Monitor info on bootup.
* Fixed a bug where sounds might stay ducked if the ducker was killed.
* Improved opening of device drivers.
* Fixed switch test grid plotting problem that showed up on some monitors.
* A stuck-closed tilt now dispatches at ball start.
* Fixed an error in sorting for the Ordered LED Test.
+ Left and right flipper audits.
* Error dot defaults to OFF now. When on, moves every few seconds.
+ Ticket mech support.
* TICKET removed from possible award settings.
+ Game Play Type adjustment (BALLS or TIME).
+ Time Per Game adjustment (in seconds – default 45, range 30-300).
+ Timed Game Over Type adjustment. Can be set to:
– SUDDEN DEATH – game is over next time the ball drains.
– SUDDEN TIMER – game is over next drain or when extra timer is up.
– INSTANT DEATH – (default) game is over immediately.
+ Sudden Death Timer adjustment (in seconds – default 10, range 2-15).
* When Sound Test is in RUNNING state, the display now scrolls properly.
* Adjustment values now wrap around when editing.
+ Pindemption Preset.
+ Money Limit adjustment (maximum money game will hold at once).
+ Credit Limit adjustment (maximum credits that may be on game at once).
+ Money Eaten audit (overage lost to the Money Limit).
+ Credits Eaten audit (overage lost to the Credit Limit).
* Pricing levels that violate the Credit Limit aren’t considered/honored.
+ Logical ticket accounting (specific values for programming analysis).
+ Money-in Auto-start adjustment (default OFF – controls whether game starts
immediately after sufficient money is inserted for a credit).
+ Flipper Auto-launch adjustment (default OFF, can be OFF, LEFT FLIPPER,
cause the ball to launch if it is sitting in the shooter lane waiting to
be plunged by the player).
* Default trough fire strength is now 8 (was 18).