September 29

Kiss Pinball Topper Video Game Play and Installation

I just installed the Stern topper on my Kiss LE pinball machine. It was quite easy. It involved unscrewing the screws that are prescrewed into the top of the back box and placing the topper on top of the holes and fastening it down with the screws that were just taken out. The wires that come with the topper consist of a cable coming out of the topper which plugs into a Y cable that comes with the topper. A USB cable which plugs into CN20 of the Spike board in the back box and also the topper. Unplug the 12 pin connector from CN5 of the Distribution Power Board and plug that into the Y power 12 pin cable that comes with the topper. That’s really it, the topper consists of three or four connections and also updating the Kiss Pinball Machine to version 1.5 code update from the Stern Website.

Check Out the Installation Video and Website Below :

Video of Installation and Game Play:

Website Post :

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