PINDMD 3 Announced for Virtual Pinball


PinDMD is a board that allows you to use an LED DMD in a Virtual Pinball Machine. The older versions of PinDMD only allows one color to be displayed.  The new PinDMD 3 allows 24bit RGB color.

Taken from webiste about PinDMD 3 being release.

What’s new in pinDMD3?

– It now FULL 24bit RGB colour!

– Supports all the existing pinDMD2 features / games / roms.

Extras included*

– 4 / 16 / alphanumeric roms can all be coloured.

– Rainbow mode (cycle through colours of the rainbow)

– Set the game to any colour you want (the firmware uses your current pinMame DMD colour settings)

– pinMame colourize colours also work on 4 shade games.

– Raw 24bit RGB video.

– pinDMD is now built into the DMD unit it self (one unit)

– Plug and play device. (plug in the 5v power (disk drive molex), plug in the USB cable) and your good to go!

– Will fit any current DMD cut out (exact DMD dimensions, no large lcds to try and fit / hide)

– Other features include 128bit encrypted firmware LOCKED to the pinDMD hardware.

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