Kiss Game Code Released : Version 1.05 : No Game Play Updates


Review coming soon when I receive the Kiss Topper.

V1.05 – Sept. 21, 2015
– Added support for the KISS topper.
– Added support for external ticket dispenser for redemption pinball for beta testing.


1) Download the latest code for your game by visiting
and following the links to the software update
file for your specific game model.
2) Place game software update file (GAMENAME-VERSION.spk)
into the root directory of a blank FAT32-formatted USB flash drive.
Do not place more than one .spk files at a time in the root directory
of the USB flash drive.
3) Use backbox power switch to turn off game.
4) Plug the USB flash drive into a CPU board USB connector at CN20 or CN21.
5) Turn the game on.
6) The game will automatically begin the software update and the following
message will be displayed: “APPLYING UPDATE PLEASE WAIT”.
IMPORTANT: DO NOT turn the pinball machine off while this message
is displayed. This message may remain on the screen a long period of time.
7) When the display indicates “UPDATE COMPLETE”, turn the game off.
8) Remove the USB flash drive from the CPU board.
9) Turn the game on to play pinball!

Download Updates Here :

Pro – v1.05

LE – v1.05

Premium – v1.05