Stern’s Game of Thrones Video Previews


Stern has been releasing short videos showing game play of its new title Game of Thrones. I will update the post as more videos become available.

Here is a quick clip of Game of Thrones LE pinball playfield lit up on a rack in the lab!

Here is a quick clip of the Game of Thrones pro pinball sword lock in action in the lab!

QUICK CLIP: Game of Thrones LE mini playfield!

QUICK CLIP – RGB inserts in action on the Game of Thrones LE. All 63 inserts on the limited-edition and premium version of this game have RGB capability

QUICK CLIP – Blackwater Multiball on Game of Thrones LE in the lab!

QUICK CLIP – Game of Thrones LE/Premium “Extra Ball” sequence. The RGB led’s are used to emulate crackling fire

QUICK CLIP: Game of Thrones LE Pinball “Throne Kickout” in action. The ball comes up “the elevator” from the main playfield and makes its way to the Iron Throne!