Video of Stern Spike System Update on Kiss LE : Game play of 1.04 Video with DMD

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Click Link Below to View Video :

I made a video showing how to update the Stern Spike system on my Kiss LE.  I upgraded the system to version 1.04 with the new enhancements to the machine.  Also, a video was made showing game play and scoring at the end of the video tutorial.  I scored over 134.000,000 after the update was installed.

Kiss LE is not an easy machine to play.  It is fast and the Straight Down the Middle (SDTM) and out-lane drains are frequent and brutal.  The new changes I have seen in the 1.04 code are :

Easier to obtain Star Child multi-ball

Demon multi-ball lights on the play field change to red when achieving this goal

New animations on the DMD

No stoppage of music when playing the game