Kiss LE Unboxing, Setup, and 1st Game Play : Video and Pics

Just received my Kiss LE pinball machine.  It plays and looks great.  So far no problems as others have discussed with the machine locking up and shutting down.  Below are the pros and cons of the machine.  I think the pros outweigh the cons at this point.  Thx JJ from Game Exchange of Colorado.


* It plays fast

* The artwork on the game is awesome.  Kevin O’Connor who created the artwork on the original Kiss pinball machine was the artist behind the Stern version. The LE version of the side artwork seems like it has a bit of a foil look in areas.  Also the faux mirror back glass looks good.  Everything looks great.

* Music and sound is clear and loud.  Also the music chosen for the game is great (except maybe for Lick It Up) but it fits in with the game mode.

Cons :

* The Gene Simmons face was great except for the ball going straight down the middle after the ball releasing through the mouth.

* DMD artwork needs some work in my opinion.  Metallica and AC/DC looks great with the cartoon characters depicted in the DMD artwork.  Kiss has more DMD artwork that is digitized from concert footage. Hopefully updated code will improve this.

* The power switch area is strange.  If you have machines lined up next to each other or against the wall, its hard to get to the power switch.

Video of Unboxing and 1st Game Play :


DSC00674 DSC00683

DSC00688 DSC00678

DSC00680 DSC00675 DSC00676 DSC00677 DSC00679

DSC00684 3

DSC00690 DSC00689