Kiss Pinball at Modern Pinball NY

I played Kiss Pinball Pro at Modern Pinball NY last week.  I think the game plays really well.  I am not really keen on the rules but game play was fun.  I read online the day before going to Modern that Kiss was locking up.  I was very happy to see the game working and not locking up the entire time I was there.

* The Star Child shot in the upper left corner was easier to hit than what I have been reading about it.

* It plays fast, but not as fast as Metallica or AC/DC in my opinion.

* The right out lane is a killer.  The ball drains a lot in that area.

* The Gene Simmons face was great except for the ball going straight down the middle after the ball releasing through the mouth.

* The artwork on the game is awesome.  Kevin O’Connor who created the artwork on the original Kiss pinball machine was the artist behind the Stern version.  Looks great.

* DMD artwork needs some work in my opinion.  Metallica and AC/DC looks great with the cartoon characters depicted in the DMD artwork.  Kiss has more DMD artwork that is digitized from concert footage. Hopefully updated code will improve this.

* Music and sound is clear and loud.  Also the music chosen for the game is great (except maybe for Lick It Up) but it fits in with the game mode.

*  Kiss Backstage Pass scoop needs a Cliffy.  That hole looks that it will get chewed up quickly.  Cliffy, please make a protector soon.  Cliffy makes some great products, I have many of his protectors on my machines.

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