Podcast Update : The Coinbox Pinball Podcast : EP 10 : Josh Sharpe Talks Sharp Shooter


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The CoinBox Pinball Podcast

Welcome back! Welcome to Episode 10! I literally cant believe we made it to 10. We got nothing on Nate! Speaking of Nate, congratulations on your 2 years and thank you for all the work you do for our community!

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We have a jammed packed show for you tonight! We struggled with our first interview with Josh Sharpe! We talk SharpShooter and its great! We were so bad at it we had to redo it again today because it crashed yesterday and we lost the first 13 minutes. Im sure nobody will be able to tell where we splice them together. Never mind Chris wasn’t in the intro.

Josh Sharpe Interview 


KISS 29%

Walking Dead 20%

WrestleMania 12%

Star Trek 8%

South Park 8%

Fish Tales: 7%

Mustang: 6%

Tee’d Off: 6%

Demolition Man 4%

Kiss Launch Party Review

Eight Ball Died the morning of the event! that was fun!

Grinds my Gears top 10

  • Kicking the games after a drain
  • Dirty hands on the glass like all over the glass. why?
  • Cleaning the game and when the glass is back on you see a spot where you missed and the wax is there.
  • When people feel the need to level a game themselves.
  • I found a cherry slushie in Demolition mans coinbox.
  • Leaving the location only to pull in at home to a call that something else is wrong. Thats fun!
  • Moving pinball machines. HATE IT!
  • Turning off a game because a switch isn’t working 100% of the time.
  • Turning off games around you so you are not distracted.
  • Finding tools! I need them in every game!

John Jundt Interview
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