Mods Alert : 5-21-2015 : Kiss Animated Topper and Armor Package From Stern

The pinball machine has not been released, but a new topper will soon be available.  It’s a Kiss animated topper that looks like the animated lettering used in the Kiss concerts and on the old Bally pinball machine from the 70’s .  Looks great.



Below is a link to the topper video :

Taken from Stern’s Facebook Page :


Armor Package

Taken from the Stern Facebook Page.

We are excited to announce our exclusive officially licensedKISS Pinball Machine ARMOR package upgrade! Price is to be determined.

This kit will fit all 3 models as shown in the photo. 9 pieces. Details below.

-All painted with upgraded smooth satin black base coat
-Graphics are glossy finish and semi-reflective
-Graphics are burnt orange to accent the DMD surround graphics, back-board and playfield color scheme
-Right side features “The Demon” graphics
-Left side features “The Starchild” graphics
-Lock Bar features all 4 band members graphics & Logo
-Hinges feature official band logo
-Legs painted in upgraded satin black finish

-Easy installation, fully reversible
-Provides cabinet protection around flipper buttons

Price and availability to come soon, will be sold exclusively through the Stern Pinball online Store direct to you. ‪#‎Kiss‬ ‪#‎KissPinball‬ ‪#‎SternPinball‬‪#‎KissArmy‬