Mod Update : 5-6-2015 : TiltTopper Coin Slot Art

I have bought a couple toppers from TiltTopper in the past and they look fabulous (Metallica and Attack From Mars).  Also Dan from the company is over receptive with helping the customer when in need.  I broke my my Attack From Mars topper when it fell off the head of the machine, Dan graciously repaired everything for me.  I can’t tell you how appreciative I was with Dan for helping me out.  Great products and great company.

I recently was informed that Dan and TiltTopper is selling new coin slot art for specific pinball machines.  He has them for The Walking Dead, and AC/DC.  Soon to be released Metallica, Medieval Madness, Spider Man, and Iron Man.  The art covers the coin slots on the front of the machine. The mod connects directly to the machine via the coin slots for simple 12 volt power.  The unit is easily mounted and removed with no damage to the machine.  Looks great.

Price : $99.00

Also TiltTopper has redesigned the company’s website.  Looks great.

Link to TiltTopper Website:

Link to TiltTopper’s Other Toppers:

Link to my Toppers:

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