Podcast Update : 5-5-2015 : The Coinbox Pinball Podcast Ep 6


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Pinball Supernova mentioned 52:55

 Tony and Chris thanks for the shout-out in the podcast and mention within the show notes, much appreciated.  Great podcast, everyone should tune in.

WELCOME BACK! A little late but better than nothing. THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN!
Happy Birthday to Tony

Game Performances
• The Walking Dead-28%
Star Trek 17%
Cue Ball Wizard 14%
Fish Tales– 13%
• Mustang- 10%
South Park 9%
Demolition Man 5%
Johnny Mnemonic 4%

Broken Rubber on Demolition Man
Shaker Motor came loose on the Dead
VUX on Fish Tales died. Broken coil wire
South Park switch had to be replaced under the toilet
Made a purchase titanpinball.com new translucent rubber rings! Going to do Star Trek and Walking Dead!

19 people joined our league for the spring. Several new players to East Side Pinball. So fun seeing new players join the community!

Last week we played: Walking Dead, Star Trek, Cue Ball Wizard, Demolition Man, and Johnny Mnemonic.
Feature Segment
What is it
League Season Manager- add games, assign players to league
Setup Rules
Add Players
Player Statistics
what it does
how it works
feedback about it

Feedback emails

Don – more on tools and he doesn’t mean Tony……
Nut drivers and Allen wrenches – BONDHUS
These fantastic, made in America, tools and awesome. I love the Allen wrenches as well as hollow shaft nut drivers. I also love Wihi screwdrivers
German made tools that last forever and never strip. Both products can be ordered from MSC Industrial Supply Company
Vice grips don’t belong in a pinball machine so I refuse to provide where you can find these wonderfully terrible products HOMEDEPOT.COM

pinballsupernova.com- News, tips, guides, and more!

Episode 7 back on schedule if we don’t go to the cabin!