Pinfest 2015 : Friday May 1st

What a great show.  I had a blast at Pinfest 2015 in Pennsylvania this year.  A lot of vendors, pinball machines, people, and parts.  Some of the vendors at the show were : PinGraffix, Cointaker, Pinball Star Amusements, Xpin, Classic Playfield, Kahr Circuits, VP Cabs, Great Lakes Modular, Flipper Fidelity, Marco Specialties, and Jersey Jack Pinball.

I chatted with many vendors and people at the event.  Everyone was so friendly and it seemed they enjoyed being at the show as much as I. I talked to Al (Pinaholic), Eddy from Modern Pinball, Francesco from Modern Pinball, ShlockDoc from Pinside, Todd Tuckey (TNT Amusements)(I also was his camera man for a couple videos). Todd was great and we chatted about his place and some of the newer machines being produced. He makes some great videos on YouTube also.

TNT Amusements:

PinGraffix seemed to have a great crowd at their booth every time I walked by.  I have many of the PinGraffix mods on my machines and the quality and look of the product is spectacular.  Joe and his crew are super friendly and helpful. Seeing the product online and in person is like night and day. I would recommend if you haven’t seen the PinGraffix product, check out the website


Also check out my machines with the PinGraffix mods at :

The show also had some new games being produced at the moment.  Pinball Star Amusments had a Spooky Pinball, Medieval Madness Remake, Wizard of Oz, and also a working Hobbit which I got to play. Visually the Hobbit pinball machine is spectacular. I didn’t know much of the game play and was set to play two balls. The Hobbit played and looked great.  It will blow you away. Also the Circus Maximus team had a working white wood of the Python Anghelo Pinball Circus that you can play.  As it stands it’s looking great.  Cointaker and Marco brought a Big Lebowski to play.  Marco also brought two Big Juicy Melons machines produced by Whiz Bang Pinball and Stern.  The machine looks great. The artwork by Greg Feres is top notch.  The pinball stand (instead of legs) that the machines sit on look like an old fruit crate and is very solid when moving the machine. The machine plays very lofty. Not my cup of tea, but overall the machines looks fantastic. All of the machines mentioned had lines consistently all day.


Video Link of Pinball Gameplay : The Hobbit, Medieval Madness, Bride Of Pinbot Color DMD

The regular pinball machines at the show were mostly in great working order.  I have to applaud the people who bring these machines to the shows. Without these people, no machines would be there for me and everyone else to appreciate it.  My highlight was playing a No Good Gofers which I never played before.  I got a great score and even put my name on the machine. Whoever brought the machine to the show, thanks for bringing it.  A good amount of EM’s were represented as well.  Always good to see the history and origin of pinball at these shows.

At the show I bought some bulbs from Cointaker, a piece of play field glass and a lock down bar for my Twilight Zone.

Overall the time I had at the show was great.  The best Pinfest I ever went to by far.  A big thanks to Ivan and his staff who put this show together every year.  I had a blast and looking forward to next year.

The Show

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The Games

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